Nazar & Maryana Edmonton Alberta Wedding

I knew from the moment I met Nazar & Maryana that they were a couple of strength, integrity, brilliance and gentleness all in the same breath. Their humour is contagious, their hospitality is generous and their love for each other awe-inspiring. In the middle of wedding planning, it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the “to-do’s” and striving to have the glamorous wedding we all see on socials, but Nazar and Maryana were different right from the start. The most important thing that came up when we first met, was that they wanted their wedding photographs to be done in their home. My heart melted. ‘YES OF COURSE!” I declared. They continued to share how much it would mean to have the  day they begin their lives as husband and wife, captured in the space that would be their home; and their home it was. I am beyond honoured to share a peak of this gift as it truly was a gift to share in this day. This couple is playful, joyful yet gentle and welcoming,. And seriously, when this couple begins to dance and move together, it is as though peace and stillness fill every space in the room. The way this couple endears one another as they dance hand in hand, arm in arm, left my heart full as I began to pack my gear up for the night.  I cannot wait for the day I am able to capture these two again.

Much love, Kait.

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