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If you live in a the City of Edmonton, a complimentary meet & greet is included with every package. We would love to sit down with you as a couple and grab a coffee on us. Here, we would love to get to know what makes you, YOU, and get a feel for the dream you have for your big day!


Wedding Photography begins at $2500.
Wedding Videography begins at $1500.



In addition to our regular wedding package rates, we charge a $200 travel fee + two nights at a hotel to travel to Banff/Canmore/Jasper.


Please Contact to discuss further details



There is nothing like capturing the in-between moments that life can quickly pass over. In a lifestyle session, we will take an afternoon to capture you doing life. Whether it be in your home or in a near by landscape, it is our desire that for years to come, you will be able to remember and experience the joy, laughter and heart felt emotion encompassed through theses photographs. You will receive roughly 100+ fully edited photos available for download, which you will have the rights to print and share with whomever you’d like!

Photography Pricing | $300
Videography Pricing | $200



A studio session can include anything from consultation and dreaming to arrangement, and recording. We love being able to journey with our clients until their completely satisfied with their end product.

Pricing | $100 hourly



Etoroma Creative as countless connections to performing artists throughout the province of Alberta. Whether it be folk, R&B, jazz or pop, we would love to find a music style that fits your event perfectly.

Pricing | Please Contact to discuss further details.



For further information on the services and network of Etoroma Creative, please select your areas of interest below, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.